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Our Organic Greens

The Jungle Secrets Organic Gardens is an essential/ integral part of Mystic River Resort. It provides freshly harvested produce for the Resort and our Staff Kitchen. The gardens are raised beds of composted soil fed with nutrients original from nature store house. We started by planting over a hundred and thirty trees, such as oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, and star fruits among others back in 2008. These trees are now producing some fruits that we are using in the dining room for our guests.

Then around early 2010 we decided to try our hand at growing our own vegetables so we would have better control as to what we served in our dining room. It really started with the lettuce! There was none to be had, only the iceberg lettuce which we did not like and so for a few weeks we served no salads of any kind! That was terrible!

When our leaf lettuce started coming out it was wonderful! It comes in all colors, from dark to pale green, from dark to light red and yellow, and is so tasty! Then we branched out to other vegetables, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, etc. to the point where we now can grow just about everything we serve in our dining room.

We are having a lot of fun trying new things also, peanuts being our latest venture! Can’t wait to have fresh peanuts from our gardens for David to make his famous Peanut Soup! Yummy! Growing peanuts is also great for replenishing the soil when the nutrients have been taken away by other vegetables. I learned that here in Belize!

For my birthday in 2008, Tom decided to buy me some hens! What a guy! He figured that since I had the land and the pickup truck I really needed some chickens! We started with 4 and shortly after had close to 40!! We now have 40 laying hens that produce all the eggs we need and more, and we also raise our own chickens for use in the kitchen. We recently added a pond so we had to have ducks...

In any event, we are very proud of the produce we offer our guests and we hope you will agree that growing everything means less packaging, less garbage and therefore less strain on the environment. Welcome to the Secret Jungle Organic Gardens at Mystic River Resort...

Our Organic Greens

Our Organic Greens