Mystic River Resort

See Belize by canoe!

Yearning to get out on the water? Rent a canoe from Mystic River Resort for a small fee, and paddle your way down to San Ignacio, a two hour river ride away. It’s one of the best bargains for adventure travel in Belize! We’ll be happy to pick you up once you arrive, or – should you decide to do a bit of shopping or visit some of our local artists – we’ll wait until you are ready.

Photo of Belize canoes stacked up at the Mystic River Resort, Belize’s place for adventure travel.   Image of canoers docked by the river near Mystic River Resort, an ideal place for canoe in Belize.

Too long of a trek? Take one of our guided tours up the river. After a short 60 minutes on the water, you arrive back at Mystic River Resort. After all, this is your vacation and we are here to make sure you have a memorable time, whatever you decide to do to occupy your days in Belize. Ecotourism, adventure travel, or just plain relaxation – we’ll give you what you want on your Belize vacation!

Your perfect canoeing vacation is waiting. Contact us to find out more!


Image of vacationers in a Belize canoe on the Macal River near Mystic River Resort.

Image of a lone canoe in the water near Mystic River Resort, an ideal place for Belize adventure travel.